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Aggiornamento Store USA del 23/07/2009


Aggiornamenti USA per gli Store PS3 e PSP della settimana.

Ecco i nuovi contenuti:

Gioco Completo
Shatter (7.99)

Giochi Playstation 1
Spec Ops: Covert Assault (5.99$)
Wild Arms 2 (5.99$)

Giochi PSP
Tomb Raider Legend (12.99$)
Tomb Raider Anniversary (12.99$)

Demo giocabili


Call of Duty: World at War (858 MB)

Dissidia: Final Fantasy (79 MB)


Cross Edge:
No Sense of Direction Pack (free)

Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires
Additional Music Set 2(free) 

Killzone 2:
Napalm & Cordite (5.99$)
Map Pack Bundle (11.99$)
(Steel & Titanium, Flash & Thunder + Napalm & Cordite)

Overlord II:
Battle Rock Nemesis (4.99$)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 :
The Predator (7.50$)

WipEout HD:
Fury (9.99$)

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce:
Download Pack 3 (free)

Rock Band Unplugged:
Grateful Dead - "Casey Jones" (1.99$)
Thin Lizzy - "The Boys Are Back In Town (Live)" (1.99$)

Rock Band
Lush - "Sweetness & Light" (1.99$)

Kings of Leon Pack (5.49$| 1.99$)
"Molly's Chambers"
"Sex on Fire"

Rancid Pack (5.49$ | 1.99$)
"Last One to Die"
"Ruby Soho"
"Time Bomb"

Rise Against Pack (5.49$ | 1.99$)
"Prayer of the Refugee"
"Re-Education (Through Labor)"

Guitar Hero World Tour
Vagrant Records Track Pack (5.49$ | 1.99$)
"All the World is Mad" - Thrice
"Young Cardinals" - Alexisonfire
"The Martyr" - Senses Fail


Alpha Protocol
CG Trailer
Dev Diary #4

Battlefield 1943
Launch Trailer


Killzone 2
Boltgun 4400 Trailer
Napalm & Cordite Pack Trailer

The King of Fighters XII
Trailer 3


Gran Turismo


Overlord II - themes

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