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Alan Wake: disponibile la patch 1.02 su Steam


Remedy ha rilasciato oggi la patch 1.02 della versione PC di Alan Wake su Steam. L'update, che si istallerà al prossimo avvio del client, apporta diversi fix ai bug riscontrati dai giocatori dal lancio di questa edizione, migliora le prestazioni su macchine AMD 3-Core, ed apporta altre migliorie, come il supporto di nuove risoluzioni video. Il chancelog è disponibile in calce.

  • • Fixed problems of game not moving forward and gameplay not triggering properly after videos.
  • • Fixed flickering trees on Nvidia
  • • Real Traditional Chinese translation for added PC strings.
  • • Fix that the Developer Video Commentary volume is more sensible
  • • Fix that Localized cinematic audio volume is at correct volume and adjustable
  • • Fix that controller vibration works (note that it's disabled by default)
  • • Fix that blur occasionally got re-enabled even if -noblur command line option was specified
  • • Added "-rigidcamera" command line option for those who are sensitive to the default mouse/camera controls.
  • • Added possibility to bind mouse buttons 4 and 5
  • • Unofficial support for running the game in lower resolutions than 1024x768 using command line options
  • • Prevent binding controller keys to keyboard actions (prevents odd problems)
  • • Better CPU thread assignment for 3-Core AMD machines (smoother gameplay)
  • • Big thanks for the PC fans out there! We are constantly working on improving the game based on your feedback, please keep it coming!
  • • See our forum for up to date troubleshooting and patch information:
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Alan Wake
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Alan Wake

    Disponibile per
  • Xbox 360
  • Pc
    Date di Pubblicazione
  • Xbox 360 : 14/05/2010
  • Pc : 16/02/2012
  • Genere: Survival Horror
  • Sviluppatore: Remedy
  • Publisher: Non Disponibile
  • Pegi: 18+
  • Lingua: Tutto in Italiano
  • Sito Ufficiale: Link
  • Costo Digidelivery: 23,99€
  • Link Download: Link
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