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Dungeon Keeper: rilasciata una nuova patch


Electronic Arts ha rilasciato la patch 1.0.54 per Dungeon Keeper, il gestionale disponibile per PC, Android ed iOS. L'aggiornamento, che pesa 85 megabyte, come si può leggere dal changelog presente in calce, non introduce alcuna novità di rilevo, ma è volto a correggere dei bug segnalati dagli utenti e relativi al gameplay ed il comparto grafico.

Dungeon Design & Management
  • Fixed a bug that prevented dig timers from appearing with building production. Dig timers now display correctly, and this should also rectify the problem where some imp tasks were seemingly getting "lost", even though the jobs were actually still in progress.
  • We've Improved Game Center login flow; this fixes the issue where some players could start playing Dungeon Keeper before Game Center had finished responding, making it appear as if their dungeon had been reset
  • Fixed an issue where the Guild Request window could display incorrectly when presented with too many user requests
  • Adjusted the Warlock's dungeon pathing, fixing clipping issues
  • Fixed raid mode completion rates, addressing issue where some players would only achieve a 99% completion/victory rate despite completely destroying the other player's dungeon
  • Fixed a rare issue where when some players cancelled their Cave-In to initiate a Revenge attack, they could erroneously be taken to a different Keeper's dungeon
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Dungeon Keeper
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Dungeon Keeper

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    Date di Pubblicazione
  • iPhone : 21/01/2014
  • Genere: Gestionale
  • Sviluppatore: Non Disponibile
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  • Costo iPhone: Free-to-pl
  • Costo iPad: Free-to-pl
  • Costo Digidelivery: Free-to-play

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