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Serious Sam 3 BFE: rilasciato il fix per i salvataggi


Croteam ha rilasciato da pochi minuti un nuovo aggiornamento su Steam di Serious Sam 3 BFE, andando a risolvere il problema dei salvataggi non più compatibili con l'FPS, causato da un update pubblicato nella giornata di ieri. La software house ha inoltre approfittato dell'occasione per apportare alcune ulteriori migliorie al titolo. Trovate il changelog qui di seguito.

  •  Fixed older saves not being loadable after the first update. This version should be able to load saves from any of previous two versions.
  • Fixed some rare cases where player disconnecting at a very particular moment would make some parts of gameplay scripts to break (usually not spawning some enemies or similar).
  • When several players are standing in front of ammo crate and one of them opens the crate, ammo will be awarded to all of them, not only to the one who opened it.
  • Fixed cases when player disconnecting while standing on an item could crash the server.
  • Fixed scripted flashlights (e.g. Spooky Secrets) not working on client.
  • Player carrying a flag in CTF cannot sprint now.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen at random when Technopolip was killed.
  • Fixed a problem where sometimes all Gnaar melees in the game were long melees, instead of quick ones.
  • Fixed "Old School" achievement flagged as failing if pressing the reload binding even if the reload didn't actually happen. It will now fail only if the reload was actually performed.
  • Prevented crash that happened if Cheat menu was accessed during level loading. 
  • Fixed quick weapon swap sometimes remembering the wrong weapon.
Serious Sam 3
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Serious Sam 3

    Disponibile per
  • Pc
  • Ps3
  • Xbox 360
    Date di Pubblicazione
  • Pc : 22/11/2011
  • Xbox 360 : 17/10/2012
  • Genere: FPS - Sparatutto in Prima Persona
  • Sviluppatore: Croteam
  • Publisher: Non Disponibile
  • Pegi: 16+
  • Lingua: Tutto in Inglese
  • Sito Ufficiale: Link
  • Mod. Cooperativa: Multiplayer Cooperativa Online
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