Alan Wake: in arrivo la prima patch per la versione PC


Remedy ha annunciato che entro la fine della settimana rilascerà la prima patch per la versione PC di Alan Wake. Come dettagliato in un intervento sul forum ufficiale, l'update risolverà alcuni bug e introdurrà il supporto alle risoluzioni 640x480 e 800x600. Di seguito il changelog ufficiale.

  • Fix problems of game not moving forward / triggering properly after videos. (Workaround: avoid pressing space or enter when those videos trigger, restarting the chapter helps)
  • Nvidia tree flicker - if we manage to catch it. We are doing our best.
  • Unofficial support for 640x480 and 800x600 resolution through command line
  • Fix that blur occasionally gets re-enabled even if -noblur specified
  • Add "rigidcamera" command line option for those who are sensitive to our current mouse/camera controls
  • Add possibility to bind mouse buttons 4 and 5
  • Fix that the Developer Video Commentary volume is more sensible
  • Fix that Localized cinematic audio volume is not too loud and adjustable
  • Fix that going to menus during a cine skips the cinematic when you return to game
  • Fix that controller ruble works even without weird workarounds of enabling it with keyboard
  • Prevent binding controller keys and thus preventing weird problems
  • Real Traditional Chinese translation for added PC strings. Apologies for the current Simplified Chinese in menus
  • Better CPU thread assignment for 3-Core AMD machines (smoother gameplay)

Alan Wake

Alan Wake
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  • Xbox 360
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  • Xbox 360 : 14/05/2010
  • Pc : 16/02/2012
  • Genere: Survival Horror
  • Sviluppatore: Remedy
  • Pegi: 18+
  • Lingua: Tutto in Italiano
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  • Costo Digidelivery: 23,99€
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