Call of Duty: Ghosts, trapela online la lista delle mappe e delle armi


Direttamente dall'Official PlayStation Magazine, arrivano nuove informazioni su Call of Duty: Ghosts e nella fattispecie del comparto multiplayer del gioco. E' trapelata, infatti, la lista delle mappe multiplayer, delle modalità e delle armi che saranno presenti nell'FPS di Infinity Ward che sarà disponibile dal 5 Novembre. La lista completa dei contenuti svelati oggi può essere consultata come sempre dopo il salto.

Mappe multiplayer
  • Chasm
  • Flooded, Free Fall (bonus map)
  • Freight - Factory transport depot. Cross the tracks to prove who is the dominant combatant in this classic style map.
  • Octane
  • Overload - Satellite military outpost. Control the centre in intense Domination matches.
  • Prison Break - A prison deep in the jungle. Clever tactics give hte stealthiest of player the advantage in Hunted matches.
  • Seige - Abandoned industrial island. Lots of cover with plenty of spacious sightliness of open-style combat.
  • Sovereign - Tank assembly plant. Quick engagements in a turn-by-turn action-packed pace setter.
  • Stonehaven
  • Strikezone
  • Stormfront - Weather out the storm. Verticality mixed with open space creates intense Search and Rescue matches.
  • Tremor - In the heart of Texas, on the edge of an impact crater. Multi-tiered, earth shattering action.
  • Warhawk - Evacuated town ravaged by mortars. Open street and tight alleys give a great all round combat experience.
  • Whiteout
Modalità multiplayer
  • Blitz - Make it to the portal on the enemy's spawn point.
  • Cranked - Kill enemies before the timer ends. Each kill restarts the timer.
  • Domination - Capture and hold the flags. Every two seconds a flag is held, the team gets a point. First team to 200 points wins.
  • Free-for-All - Every man for himself. First player to 30 kills is the winner.
  • Grind - Recover dog tags and take them to the objective marker to score for your team.
  • Hunted - Available in both team and free-for-all. Resources are limited. Fight for control of weapon drops to gain superiority.
  • Infected - Eliminated players become Infected. Last player to survive when the timer ends wins.
  • Kill Confirmed - Recover dog tags to gain points for your team. First team to 100 points wins.
  • Search and Destroy - Teams take turns defending or trying to destroy the objective. Every player has
  • Search and Rescue - Teams take turns defending or trying to destroy the objective. Recover dog tags to allow or deny respawns.
  • Team Deathmatch - Kill players on the enemy team. First team to reach score limit wins.
Le informazioni sulle armi, invece, possono essere consultate a questo indirizzo. 

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts
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