Diablo 3: dettagli sulla patch 1.0.7


Blizzard ha pubblicato sul sito ufficiale di Diablo III il changelog della patch 1.0.7 per il famoso action RPG. Per la descrizione più dettagliata vi rimandiamo all'anteprima presente sul Diablo II Database

Questo il changelog:
  • Among the list of changes there will also be the addition of dueling, allowing players the duke it out in arena-style FFA combat.
  • Wizard and Monk will be receiving buffs to serveral skills.
  • Much like the Hellfire Ring, there will be newly added Blacksmithing recipes that will be account-bound and allow players to choose it's primary stats, while the remaining stats will be assigned randomly. Plans can drop randomly in the world but have an increased chance of dropping with a 5 stack of Nephalem Valor from select bosses. There will also be a new tier of gems, providing even higher bonuses than Radiant Star.
  • Monster Power is being added to public games and bonus experience is being significantly increased per level to make the higher levels more worthwhile for experience grinding.
  • Reflect damage will become a periodic ability the monster will use, with a strong visual to let the player know it's on.
  • Resurrection timers will now be a flat 5 seconds.

Diablo III

Diablo III
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