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Driveclub: lista trofei sbloccabili


Il sito PSN Profiles ha svelato la lista dei trofei sbloccabili di Driveclub per PlayStation 4: l'elenco completo (in lingua inglese) è disponibile di seguito.

Trofei Driveclub PS4

#UniteInSpeed (Platinum)
Collect all of the other Trophies.
You Only Get One First Time (Bronze)
Complete your first Event.
Clubman (Bronze)
Join a Club, or have someone join a Club that you have created.
First Of Many (Bronze)
Beat your first Face-Off.
This One Is Mine (Bronze)
Customise a vehicle.
Contender (Bronze)
When the timer expires on a Solo Challenge, be at the top of the leaderboard.
And So It Begins! (Bronze)
Send a Challenge to another player.
Level Up! (Bronze)
Reach Driver Level 2.
5 And Counting (Bronze)
Reach Driver Level 5.
Progress (Bronze)
Reach Level 1 with one Accolade.
Face-Off (Silver)
Complete 50 Face-Offs.
On The Podium (Silver)
Place in any of the top 3 positions during a 12 player race.
Nose To Tail (Silver)
Draft another vehicle for at least 2000 metres (2187 yards) in a single event.
Rack 'em Up, Knock 'em Down (Silver)
Beat 3 Target Times in a single Time Trial event.
Long Distance (Silver)
Drive for at least 300 miles (483 km).
Making Waves (Silver)
Reach Driver Level 15.
Life Begins (Silver)
Reach Driver Level 30.
Full House (Silver)
Win a Race in each class of vehicle: Hot Hatch, Performance, Sports, Super and Hyper.
Unbeatable (Gold)
Win 5 of your own Solo Challenges after sending them to at least one other player.
Mastery (Gold)
Max out one Accolade.
Hoon-a-tic (Gold)
Rack up 1 million Drift Points in total.
Cleanup (Gold)
In a 12 player race, finish on the podium without losing any Fame due to collisions with other competitors.
Lifer (Gold)
Drive at least 1000 miles (1610 km) as a Club Member.
Welcome To The Limit (Gold)
Reach Driver Level 50.
Credit Where It's Due (Gold)
Max out one of each Gameplay, Game Mode, Vehicle and Event Accolades.
Hidden Trophy (Bronze)
Hidden Trophy (Bronze)
Hidden Trophy (Silver)
Hidden Trophy (Silver)
DLC: DriveClub Tour
The Rookie Trophy (Bronze)
Win 'The Rookie Trophy' Event in Tour.
The Amateur Trophy (Bronze)
Win 'The Amateur Trophy' Event in Tour.
The Semi-Pro Trophy (Silver)
Win 'The Semi-Pro Trophy' Event in Tour.
The Professional Trophy (Silver)
Win 'The Professional Trophy' Event in Tour.
The Legend Trophy (Gold)
Win 'The Legend Trophy' Event in Tour

Driveclub sarà disponibile in Europa dal prossimo 8 ottobre in edizione standard e in due bundle esclusivi, uno dei quali include una console PlayStation 4 bianca e joypad abbinato.

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  • PS4 : 13/10/2014
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