Fallout 4: ecco la lista completa dei perk


Basandosi sul poster promozionale in regalo con ogni preordine, un fan della serie Bethesda ha riscostruito la lista dei perk e delle abilità di Fallout 4 che compongono le statistiche S.P.E.C.I.A.L., ovvero percezione, forza, costituzione, intelligenza, carisma, abilità e fortuna.

Alcune abilità non sono ancora state decifrate, come potete vedere dalla dicitura "Unidentified Perk":


1. Toughness: Damage resistance increased.
2. Lead Belly: Drinking from irradiated sources brings less radiation.
3. Lifegiver: Leveling up gives more hit points.
4. Chem Resistant: Chem addiction removed.
5. NEW – Water Perk: No details.
6. Rad Resistance: Radiation resistance increased.
7. Adamantium Skeleton: Limbs take more damage.
8. Cannibal: Allows eating human corpses and get health.
9. NEW – Unidentified Ghoul Perk: No details.
10. Solar Powered: Health regeneration and added strength in day time.


1. Cap Collector: Vendor buying and selling prices improved.
2. Lady Killer / Black Widow: More damage against a specific gender. Special dialogue.
3. NEW – Lone Wanderer: Damage resistance, carrying strength increased when traveling alone.
4. NEW – Attack Dog: Accuracy in VATS increased. Dog can hold the enemy.
5. Animal Friend: Animals aid in fights or don’t attack you unless you do.
6. NEW – Local Leader: Stores constructed in your settlement.
7. Party Boy/Girl: Alcohol addiction’s withdrawal effects removed.
8. NEW – Inspirational: Companion does more damage.
9. NEW – Wasteland Whisperer: Pacify creatures by just aiming a gun at them if they are below your level.
10. NEW – Intimidation: Pacify humans by just aiming a gun at them if they are below your level.


1. Iron Fist: Unarmed damage increased.
2. Big Leagues: Damage with weapon increased.
3. NEW – Unidentified Armor Perk: No details.
4. NEW – Unidentified Melee Weapon Perk: No details.
5. Size Matters: BIig gun wielders get increased damage and accuracy.
6. Strong Back: Weight limit in inventory increased.
7. Weapon Handling: strength requirements for weapons decreased.
8. NEW – Unidentified Perk: No details.
9. NEW – Unidentified Perk: No details.
10. NEW – Unidentified Power Armor Charging Perk: No details.


1. Thief: Lockpicking, pickpocketing success chances increased.
2. Rifleman: Non-automatic rifles damage increased.
3. NEW- Unidentified VATS Perk: No details.
4. NEW- Unidentified Lock Picking Perk: No details.
5. Demolition Expert: Grenades, mines and dynamite damage increased.
6. Friend of the Night: Night vision, better visibility at night.
7. Rad Absorption: Radiation level decreases gradually
8. Sniper: Chances of headshot in VATS increased.
9. NEW – Shoot Through Wall Perk: No details.
10. Concentrated Fire: Accuracy in VATS increased by repeatedly hitting the same body part.


1. NEW – VANS: closest quest target path visible in VATS.
2. Medic: Stimpaks and RadAways are more effective.
3. Gun Nut: Gun mods allowed.
4. NEW – Hacker: Personal computer terminals in your settlement.
5. NEW – Unidentified Inventory Perk: No details.
6. NEW – Science!: Energy weapons can be modified.
7. NEW – Unidentified Chemistry Perk: No details.
8. Robotics Expert: Damage against robots increased, sneaking up to them made easy.
9. NEW – Unidentified Radiation Perk: No details.
10. Nerd Rage!: Strength and damage resistance increased after a given decrease in health level.


1. Gunslinger: One-handed weapons get increased accuracy.
2. Commando: Accuracy of rifles in VATS increased
3. NEW – Sneak: Sneaking becomes easier as you become hard to detect
4. Mister Sandman: You get to kill humans / ghouls in their sleep.
5. Action Boy/Girl: Action Points to use in VATS increased.
6. NEW – Unidentified Dodge Perk: No details.
7. Ninja: Melee, unarmed attacks and sneak attack critical damage chances increased.
8. NEW – Unidentified Reload Perk: No details.
9. NEW – Unidentified Running Perk: No details.
10. NEW – Gun Fu: No details.


1. Fortune Finder: Caps found in containers increased.
2. Scrounger: Ammunition found in containers increased.
3. Bloody Mess: All weapons damage increased. Enemies explode.
4. Mysterious Stranger: Chances of getting help in combat from a Mysterious Stranger.
5. NEW – Unidentified Perk: No details.
6. Better Criticals: Critical hits damage increased.
7. NEW – Unidentified Limb Damage Perk: No details.
8. Grim Reaper’s Sprint: Kill enemy in VATS to restore all Action Points.
9. NEW – Unidentified Fighting Irish Perk: No details.
10. NEW – Unidentified Bullet Curving Perk: No details.

Ricordiamo che Fallout 4 sarà disponibile in Europa a partire dal prossimo 10 novembre nei formati PC, Xbox One e PlayStation 4.

Fallout 4: ecco la lista completa dei perk

Fallout 4

Fallout 4
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