Fez: rilasciata la patch, ma potreste perdere i file di salvataggio


Polytron ha pubblicato oggi su Xbox Live la patch di Fez che va a eliminare diversi bug all'interno del titolo Live Arcade, come potete leggere in calce. Ma c'è un però: come scritto sul blog ufficiale, in alcuni casi dopo l'istallazione dell'aggiornamento, il sistema potrebbe considerare i vostri file di salvataggio come corrotti. Lo studio afferma che ripulire la cache della Xbox 360 potrebbe risolvere il problema, ma non è una soluzione che funziona al 100%. In quel caso perderete i salvataggi, dato che il team di sviluppo ammette che non esistono metodi per ripristinare la situazione. Quindi a voi il rischio di istallare o meno l'update, o aspettare l'arrivo della patch per la patch.

Major issues

  • Save file unusable if saved inside one of two village interiors (4-cube wall village)
  • Save file unusable if saved at the top checkpoint of the lava challenge level, or attempted to use the "jetpack" cheat in this level
  • Save file unusable after playing for a long time (usually in a new game+) in certain areas of the game (crash within a minute)
  • Crash when rotating view on a ledge inside the library interior
  • Crash when attempting to open a blank spot in the artifacts inventory, after collecting the tome
  • Clock tower framerate slows down to a crawl if system date is too far in the past or the future
  • Able to escape out of closed interior rooms by rotating near objects, which can cause an infinite death loop
    Changing profile might corrupt the save file
  • Crash on fake reboot at hexahedron encounters (note : measures were taken to fix this, but due to its random nature we can't know for sure that it's gone; testers haven't encountered it!)
Performance improvements
  • Frame dropping when auto-saving, especially when save device is not the hard drive
  • Frame dropping while using rotating platforms, time switches, valves and watchers
  • Poor performance when black holes are on screen
  • Poor performance in the industrial levels with platforms on railings
  • Infinite death loop if player gets sucked by a black hole near sewage water
  • Infinite death loop when pulling up from a ledge into a black hole
  • Infinite death loop when waiting in a space where a destructible block respawns
  • Inaccessible big parting waterfall doorway even if waterfall is parted, when coming back to it later on in the game or in a "new game+"
  • Inaccessible secret door if player collects 4 owls, goes to the statue but exits the level too early
  • Stargate door now two-way, which allows player to return back to the zu village instead of being forced to watch the ending
  • A certain valve/water height setup in the first sewer level makes sections of the level unattainable
  • Bumpers would randomly stop working for view rotation
Rare crashes
  • Crash if player enters the door behind the big parting waterfall too quickly
  • Possible crash when exiting an exterior level which has water
  • Possible crash and gltiching sound when holding onto rotating platform and falling
  • Possible crash and inconsistent behaviour with the "security question" puzzle room
  • Disconnecting controller in main menu may make the pause menu overlap it, which causes a crash when viewing credits
  • Upgrading the trial mode to full version from the upsell screen with video and selecting "Continue" could freeze the game
Graphical issues
  • In-the-sky level transitions visual issues with clouds moving sporadically and disappearing
  • Map graph does not update properly or nodes/connections disappear while browsing
  • One face of the "code machine" tetris rosetta stone doesn't display
  • Clock tower : player collects anti-cube while falling to his death, camera gets stuck in zoomed-in mode
  • Jetpack causes graphical issues in the hexahedron encounters
  • Rotating groups active in first person view, which can cause camera oddities
  • Opening the inventory cube while using a warp gate or walking to a doorway causes graphical issues
  • Bell spins violently and disappears if standing idle near it for a very long time
  • First person view ability retained wrongfully when starting a clean new game from a "new game+"
  • Finishing with 64 cubes without having gone through a 32 cube ending doesn't grant the first person view
  • Finishing the game with 33+ anticubes wouldn't trigger the achievement(s)
  • Leaderboards not posting when not connected to LIVE, and would never post again
  • "Secret solved" jingle plays every time you input a secret code, even if it's already been resolved
  • Leaderboards should cap at 209.4%
  • Anti-cubes and golden cubes should cap at 32
  • Infinite cube collection with the bell tower
  • Player was able to go through the secret owl door without having talked to the 4 owls
Localization issues
  • "carte de trésor" -> "carte au trésor" in french localization
  • All instances of "oe" did not appear in french localization
Sound issues
  • Birdsong loops don't pause when opening the map or inventory screen
  • Several sound effects retouched/added
  • Credits are missing music when viewed during a cutscene

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