Frontline Fields of Thunder brilla d'oro


Paradox Interactive ha comunicato in data odierna che Frontline Fields of Thunder è entrato in fase gold. La versione versione italiana sarà nei negozi entro la fine del mese di Marzo (segue comunicato stampa in iglese)

Paradox Interactive, a leading publisher and developer of critically acclaimed strategy titles, announced today that their next strategy release, Frontline: Fields of Thunder, has gone gold.

Frontline: Fields of Thunder, developed by Nival Interactive, follows in the footsteps of the original "Blitzkrieg" and depicts the largest tank battle in history in what is commonly referred to as the Clash of the Titans.

Players will find it offers a gameplay experience on a strategic level as well as a tactical level, and the giant battle map offers immense detail and again, historical accuracy.  In addition, the historical settings and scenarios are completely accurate, so much in fact that an encyclopedia has been added to the game.

The title is releasing on March 16 in Germany and Scandinavia, March 20 in North America, March 30 in France and April 6 in the UK. Frontline: Fields of Thunder has a SRP of $29.99/€29.99 and has been rated Teen by ESRB and 12+ by PEGI.

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About the Game
As the largest tank battle of all time, the battle of Kursk was the ultimate battle of the titans. It caused the global powers to focus vast amounts of resources on improving the design and production of their tanks, representing the last great conventional arms race before the advent of the atomic bomb.

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