Minecraft Xbox 360: disponibile l'undicesimo aggiornamento


L'undicesimo aggiornamento della versione Xbox 360 di Minecraft è finalmente stato rilasciato da 4J Studios ed è disponibile per il download. Questo non introduce niente di nuovo, ma corregge dei bug e alcuni problemi segnalati dagli utenti.

Questo il changelog ufficiale:

  • Fix for explosion lag issue on clients in an online game.
  • Fix to remove any Fireballs hanging in the air in a save game.
  • Fix to only show the spawn limit message to the player attempting to spawn something.
  • Fixed the terrain mipmaps to have the updated version of the gravel texture in them.
  • Fix for the spawn limit overrun when shearing or breeding Mooshrooms
  • Increased the limit for Paintings/Item Frames, Villagers, and Snow Golems in a world.
  • Display a message when the maximum Paintings/Item Frames are reached.
  • Display a message when the user tries to put an animal in Love Mode when the spawn limits have been reached.
  • Display a message when the user tries to spawn an enemy from a Spawn Egg in Peaceful mode.
  • Reduced Ghast sound volume

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