Nuovo update per Star Wars Galaxies


E' stato rilasciato un nuovo update per il famoso mmorpg della Lucas Arts, Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. Si tratta della versione 9.1.

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Questa la lista delle correzioni/aggiunte:

New Chat Channels: Two new chat channels have been added to the chat system. There is an Auction channel and a Planet channel. Players are encouraged to trade goods and services galaxy wide in the Auction Channel. Planet Channels will be available to players on a chat tab when they arrive on any planet. Players can use these channels to find groups, medics, entertainers, find services, coordinate events and find all types of help in real time chat.

  • An auction channel is now available.
  • The Planet-wide chat channel is available.
  • Chat channels that were active before logging out will be auto-joined when the client reconnects.

  • Fixed bug that prevented DOT's from breaking the Warcy effect

    Profession: Bounty Hunter
  • Fixed a case where NPC bounty targets can spawn high above the terrain.
  • Bounty Hunter missions should no longer appear at 0 0 0 when a Jedi first logs in.
  • Changed the seeker code to update the positions of the Jedi waypoints much more frequently. Previously waypoints could be as much as 20 minutes out of date. Now they will be less than 30 seconds out of date at the most.
  • Fixed a bug in seekers that sometimes caused them to report a Jedi was not on the same planet when in fact they were.

    Profession: Combat Medic
  • Added a minimum throw time to combat medic apply disease and apply poison
  • Corrected a bug that allowed combat medics to throw at twice the range listed on poisons and diseases

    Professions: Jedi
  • Fixed exploit in Force Meditate - ensure meditate both force and TKA both work still and cannot jump from force to TKA meditate
  • Fixed an issue where covert factioned players didn't award xp to a ranked Jedi - Issue: if a group of covert Jedi gain a group TEF against a ranked Jedi and that ranked Jedi kills the covert Jedi, the ranked Jedi takes -1 XP as opposed to gaining XP for the kill. This change fixes that behavior.
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