Pool Paradise il 7 Maggio in versione cubica


Prevista insieme alle versioni PS2 e PC agli inizi di Aprile, la versione GameCube di Archer Maclean's Pool Paradise sarà invece rilasciata il 7 Maggio, sempre al prezzo suggerito di 19,99 sterline. Il piccolo ritardo è servito ad apportare alcuni miglioramenti per garantire l'assoluta qualità del titolo. In galleria sono stati inseriti nuovi screenshots. Cliccate su continua per la press release odierna.


Ignition Entertainment Confirms The News All Game Cube Owners Want To Hear: 7th May 2004 Release Date Set For Archer Maclean's Pool Paradise

Tuesday 27 April 2004/...

With the nation currently going snooker loopy thanks to the World Championships culminating this week in Sheffield, Ignition Entertainment can confirm that the much-anticipated Game Cube version of Archer Maclean's Pool Paradise will be released on 7th May 2004, at the remarkably low suggested retail price of £19.99.

The Game Cube iteration was originally intended for release alongside its PlayStation 2 and PC counterparts. However, this minor slippage is the result of some last-minute fine-tuning to ensure that the Cube version truly shines. You'll swear you're actually there on the beach playing pool (and more).

Players can enjoy the super-realistic physics and intuitive control system, across 12 different varieties of pool, on realistic or stunt tables if they desire. A cavalcade of unlockables ensure that playing pool never tires, and if it did, well, beachside potters can try their hand at the various sub-games including Darts, Skee Pool or the arcade classic Dropzone, which are hidden throughout the island.

'Although we had promised this version a little earlier, we're sure that the time taken to finely hone our product will be appreciated by all who play it,' says Peter Rollinson, Product Manager, Ignition Entertainment. 'We're grateful for the patience shown by those waiting for the Game Cube version and can promise them they will not be disappointed.'

Archer Maclean's Pool Paradise will be released on Game Cube on 7th May 2004, priced £19.99.

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Pool Paradise

Pool Paradise
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