Sacred 2 per PS3 disponibile la patch 1.40


Disponibile il nuovo aggiornamento per Sacred 2 nella versione PS3 scaricabile all'indirizzo:

Tra" target="_blank" class="linkvecchi" rel="nofollow noopener">link le maggiori aggiunte segnaliamo il supporto per contenuti scaricabili, la possibilità di scambio dati tra due giocatori sulla stessa console e l'aggiunta del 'Trovami' tra le opzioni per la classifica.

Di seguito l'elenco in inglese di tutte le principali variazioni:

New features

  • Support for downloadable content has been added
  • Trading between two players on the same console is now possible
  • Added the 'Find me' option to the leaderboard

  • A rare crash was located and fixed
  • AI related problems during the final boss encounter were fixed
  • The fourth player joining a multiplayer session now correctly gains the 'Group Hug' achievement
  • Player characters sometimes were not able to move after teleporting with a mount. This has been fixed.
Additonal changes

  • Improved player character responsiveness when using ranged weapons
  • Improved player character responsiveness when using the Temple Guardians weapon arm
  • Mounts will now appear along with the hero when joining a multiplayer session
  • Medium potions will now drop for players of level 40 and above, major potions for players of level 80 and above
  • Spiders using their web attack no longer cause graphical errors
  • Some minor issues with voice chat and the block list have been fixed
  • Some graphical issues with the world map have been corrected
  • The inventory list will no longer scroll downwards when opened using the radial menu
  • Action buttons are no longer shown when opening the radial menu and using the 'Static HUD' graphics option
  • It is no longer possible to talk to friendly animals and hirelings
  • It is no longer possible to talk to town NPCs in Spanish, Italian an Polish versions of 'Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel' since no localized voice data is available for these languages
  • Players are now informed correctly when a controller is disconnected during gameplay

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
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  • Xbox 360
  • Ps3
  • Date di Pubblicazione
  • Pc : 29/05/2009
  • Xbox 360 : 05/06/2009
  • Ps3 : 05/06/2009
  • Genere: Gioco di Ruolo
  • Sviluppatore: Ascaron
  • Pegi: 16+
  • Lingua: Tutto in Italiano
  • Sito Ufficiale: Link
  • Mod. Cooperativa: Multiplayer Cooperativa Online

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