Soul Sacrifice: rilasciata la patch 1.20


Soul Sacrifice è uno dei giochi più supportato da Sony che negli ultimi anni ha rilasciato DLC gratuiti ed anche aggiornamenti. Proprio oggi è stata pubblicata una nuova patch, che pesa 85 megabyte e porta il gioco alla versione 1.20, aggiunge un nuovo episodio di "Fellow Sorcerers", Heretic Saviour. Oltre a ciò sono stati risolti dei bug minori e nell'interfaccia del gioco è stata aggiunta la versione del gioco.

Questo il changelog ufficiale:
Solo Campaign Updates:
  • New Fellow Sorcerer Chapter (Heretic Saviour)
Multiplayer Updates:
  • You can now check players ‘Magic and Life level" from the online room list
  • Online room names can be longer
  • You may now change an online room's settings from within the room itself
  • You will now receive a notification when you become the host in a new room
  • You may now check the pacts page from within an Online room, even if you are not the host
  • You may now check other players' details even after readying for a quest
  • Added more quickly selectable phrases to use in chat during quests
  • The chat display will now open automatically when a joint cast spell or an area healing spell is initiated
  • In quest functionality: During quests, a compass will now display the general direction of enemies, allies, and archfiends
  • You can now skip the animation that plays at the start of a quest by tapping the screen
  • When a joint cast spell or an area healing spell is initiated, all players will be notified with an icon
Portraiture Changes:
  • The "select offerings" menu layout has been changed
  • A warning message will now appear when consuming boosted offerings in the "fuse offerings" menu
  • You may now check offering rewards, in addition to the pact title and monster name, from the list of phantom quests. use the triangle button to toggle the info
  • "Sanctuarium" has been added as an entry in "history and myth"
  • The version of the game can now be seen on the title menu
  • Other minor changes have been implemented
Bug Fixes:
  • Other minor bugs have been fixed

Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice
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  • PSVita : 03/05/2013
  • Genere: Gioco di Ruolo
  • Sviluppatore: Marvelous Entertainment
  • Publisher: Sony
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  • Multiplayer Offline: Multiplayer offline fino a 4 Giocatori - SystemLink

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