Street Fighter X Tekken Ver. 2013, trailer dell'aggiornamento


Capcom ha rilasciato un trailer del major update di Street Fighter X Tekken che apporterà importanti cambamenti al gioco e ai personaggi come l'incremento (o decremento) dei danni causati dalle mosse o nuove abilità. L'arrivo è previsto, gratuitamente, per il 29 gennaio 2013 su PC, PlayStation 3, PS Vita e Xbox 360. Dopo il salto è disponibile il changelog ufficiale.

Cambiamenti generali:
  • Start fighting when the word "Fight! disappears.
  • Recoverable damage now shown in red, making it easy to see.
  • Slower recovery speed for quicker-paced matches.
  • Faster throws to up the temp of the fight.
  • Softened effects make it easier to read an opponent.
  • Close-ups eliminated to speed up battles and for easier combo timing.
  • The Tekken crew has Jump-Ins, to.

  • Ken: Shippu Jinraikyaku range and damage increased.
  • Kazuya: Use EX Rising Uppercut to go through projectiles.
  • Cammy: Cannon Strike straight from Hooligan Combination.
  • Lili: Angel Knee Ascension can be jump canceled for new combo possibilities.
  • Sakura: Close Heavy Kick floats, and combos into Far Heavy Punch into Shouken.
  • Bob: Giga Meteo can now be comboed into.
  • Abel: Heavy Shoulder Tackle wall bounds on counter hit for new combo possibilities.
  • Paul: EX Shreder invincibility extended.
  • Dudley: Super Charge motion now avoids attacks and leaves them wide open.
  • Heihachi: Chrome Dome damage increased. Max Chrome Dome is now unblockable.
  • Ibuki: EX Kunai now cancels into itself.
  • Steve: Combo from Patella Smash to Albion Combination.
  • M. Bison: Final hit of EX Double Knee press now launches. Switch in for follow-up attacks.
  • Bob and Paul: Walk speed increased.

Street Fighter X TEKKEN

Street Fighter X TEKKEN
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