The Secret World: Funcom prevede la pubblicazione di aggiornamenti mensili


Attraverso un intervento pubblicato sul blog ufficiale del gioco, Funcom ha confermato i piani per il suo supporto post-lancio dell'MMO The Secret World. La compagnia ha intenzione di rilasciare missioni aggiuntive a cadenza mensile, così come nuove armi, eventi speciali ed altre feature che saranno introdotte nei prossimi aggiornamenti. Il primo update sarà scaricabile dal 31 Luglio, e maggiori dettagli sui contenuti saranno rivelati nel corso di questa settimana. In calce trovate la roadmap.

  • Mission packs on a monthly basis- new investigations for every adventure zone in the game; more action and sabotage missions with fully voiced cut-scenes and new media pop-ups for free.
  • New weapons - the first auxiliary weapon will be announced soon; all new auxiliary weapons will be released on a regular basis.
  • Raids - first raid is "well into production,"; more information about that in August, but it will take place in NYC.
  • Expanding and improving character customization - the Modern Prometheus and Ockham's Razor are opening in New York and London respectively in August, Execution later this year in Seoul. Pangaea in London will receive new stock, and more accessories and clothing as rewards for both achievements and missions
  • Chronicle has entered public beta.
  • A PvP dungeon is in the early stages of planning and will take place in a "brand new geographical area." More on this later this year.
  • A dungeon finder tool is in the works.
  • Seasonal events such as Halloween and the Winter Solstice are planned with plenty of content to tie into both events.
  • Two large, new and "incredibly exciting adventure zones" - both will be announced in August along with new characters, missions, drops, challenges, monsters, and new lore which will tie together the first and second act.
  • Improved cabal functionality - it's in the works with improvements coming later this year.
  • Social players will have functionality tied to the Albion in London.
  • Pets will be updated and upgraded and more and better pets are on the way as well as a few surprises.
  • Combat will receive constant polish and tweaks.

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The Secret World

The Secret World
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