Toki Tori 2: il primo aggiornamento disponibile in Europa


Two Tribes ha annunciato la pubblicazione sull'eshop Wii U europeo della prima patch di Toki Tori 2. L'update introduce maggiori indizi per i giocatori che non riescono a proseguire nel gioco, ed una nuova area "super segreta". In calce trovate le note complete della patch.

  • mproved the flow of the game after reaching the room with the 'thing'
  • Added another super-secret area
  • Fixed a bug where Toki Tori was invisible after returning to the game
  • Fades between levels now fade the audio too
  • Simplified the puzzle in the underwater passage
  • Fixed an issue when the TokiDex was completed in the photo room
  • Some back- and foreground elements got a fresh coat of paint
  • When all the collectibles in a level (or the entire game) are collected a melody will play to notify the player
  • Fixed a rare bug where the player completed the game, but the end scene wouldn't trigger
  • Various level tweaks, based on Miiverse feedback

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