Tomb Raider: pubblicata una patch per la versione PC


Da qualche istante è stata rilasciata una nuova patch per la versione PC di Tomb Raider, che verrà scaricata automaticamente al primo avvio da Steam. Questa corregge diversi bug segnalati dagli utenti e migliora la stabilità del gioco a seguito di alcuni problemi relativi alle DirectX 11. In una nota Square Enix ha precisato che il team sta continuando a raccogliere i feedback inviati e che nelle prossime settimane potrebbe arrivare un altro aggiornamento.

Questo il changelog completo:

  • Upgraded the save slots from three to 99
  • Introduced "Last Campsite Save", which automatically saves your progress up to the last campsite you have visited
  • Added stereoscopic 3D reticle
  • Fixed issues with the discovery of the Unworthy campsite.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when traveling back to the Sacred Hall Basecamp after that story has been completed
  • Fixed a playthrough stopper in Chasm Bridge
  • Fixed a playthrough stopper that could occur when loading a saved game created in the Coastal Forest after upgrading the axe but before opening the gate
  • The active selection in the main menu no longer changes due to the rotation of the menu itself
  • Fixed Mouse and Aim Sensitivity slider settings getting rounded to coarser values on save
  • Fixed a crash in multiplayer that could occur while migrating hosts
  • Added functionality to activate and deactivate DLC multiplayer maps during matchmaking. Maps can also be manually activated and deactivated in the new ‘Match Making' menu in the ‘Options' menu.
  • (DX11) Fixed a few self-shadowing artifacts in the beach
  • (DX11) Various performance optimizations
  • (DX11) Improved sunlight shadow quality
  • (DX11) Lens flares now render correctly in stereoscopic 3D
  • (DX11) Improved exclusive fullscreen <-> windowed transitions
  • (DX11) Fixed occasional crash on startup related to stereoscopic detection

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