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Una nuova patch per la versione PC di Left 4 Dead 2


Una nuova patch di Left 4 Dead 2 è finalmente disponibile per la versione PC del gioco, scaricabile direttamente tramite Steam.
Di seguito il changelog delle migliorie e aggiunte apportate dalla patch.

  • Fixed where last round of upgraded ammo didn't have upgrade effect
  • Jockeyed survivor now glows for infected team in all cases
  • Fixed exploit that allowed Jockey players to get instant recharge of their ability
  • Fixed Charger ability timer not resetting when killing a survivor with low health on their third strike
  • Charger now applies a small amount of damage when charging through physic props

Match Making
  • Changed how requests are made to master server for group servers
  • Fixed sorting on group servers UI
  • Reduced update work on group servers UI

  • Made the water shader support splitscreen on the PC
  • Miscellaneous fixes in the subtitles
  • Updated system tray icon
  • Fixed Survival timer issue caused when voting for round restart

SDK/L4D2-LD/Hammer changes
  • When browsing for a func_instance filename, the proper path relative to the current bsp will be returned. This allows level designers to use instances from the base game in dlc maps without having to manually fix up the filename
  • Changed base.fgd default skybox to one that exists in L4D2
  • Added env_instructor_hint to fgd, as well as content/game icon images
  • Deadline URL fix
  • Added missing vmt for env_instructor_hint
  • L4D Addon Support - restored missing delivery van modified VMT
  • L4D Addon Support - restored missing shelves metal 3
  • L4D Addon Support - restored floodlight generator switch
  • L4D Addon Support - restored missing airliner content
  • Updated vbsp to correctly handle instances within instances
  • Fixed the fullscreen engine changing the Hammer views, requiring a restart of Hammer

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2
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  • Xbox 360
  • Pc
  • Date di Pubblicazione
  • Xbox 360 : 20/11/2009
  • Pc : 20/11/2009
  • Genere: FPS - Sparatutto in Prima Persona
  • Sviluppatore: Valve
  • Pegi: 18+
  • Lingua: Inglese con Sottotitoli in Italiano
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