Digital Extremes, lo sviluppatore di Warframe, ha pubblicato un trailer che mostra il decimo aggiornamento per il free-to-play, intitolato "Shadows of the Dead". Insieme a ciò, gli sviluppatori hanno anche fornito nuove informazioni su questo importante update. La feature più importante riguarda senza ombra di dubbio l'aggiunta di due nuovi Warframe: Nekros e Mag Prime: il primo è in grado di manipolare i nemici vivi e morti con le sue armi oscure, mentre il secondo è un'unione di Exaibur Prime e Frost Prime.

Questo il changelog completo:

  • New sentinel : The "carrier" has the ability to detect and collect items -including mods - throughout the room for its master.
  • New tileset: Orokin derelict spacecraft - ancient vessels dead and drifting through space. relics of the orokin age.
  • New boss: Located in the orokin derelict, infested golem awaits!
  • expanded level - the grineer settlement has been expanded with even more exciting gameplay.
  • New clan research: Three new infested weapons - including a primary, secondary and melee - to be crafted using a new component!
  • New weapons: Ether scythe, tenno assualt rifle, plus new prime weapons — boar prime and dakka prime.
  • 18 new mod cards: New glaive mods add puncture, flight speed and rebound + and -, the energy life mod drains any remaining energy on death and converts, finishing touch mod increases damage to knocked down enemies and the spare parts mod offers the chance to spawn a rare resource when a sentinel dies, to name just a few!
  • Updates and new accessories for the clan dojo - including a zen garden vanity room as well as new zen garden, statue and drum decorations.

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